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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - BLACK AND CHROME: Watch The Promo For The One-Day U.K. Re-Release

To date, George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road stands as one of the most continually stimulating films to date. Thus, its future franchise prospects notwithstanding, the film's critical and commercial success have since allowed for Miller and the studio to pitch a version of the film in Black And Chrome for an alternative delivery in coloring and display.
That version now has DVD and Blu-Ray availability in the U.S. while Warner Bros Pictures is gracing fans of the film in the U.K. with a one day Black And Chrome screening on Sunday, April 30. That leaves a few days for U.K. residents to check their local listings for locations and showtimes to watch as Tom Hardy's Max and Charlize one-armed Furiosa fight to defend a group of desperate slave wives from an army of occult soldiers and a dying Citadel led by tyrannical warlord Immortan Joe, played by none other than iconic Mad Max villain icon, actor Hugh Keays-Byrne.
Check out the promo below!

The Cat Is The Real Star In The Official Trailer For NEKO NINJA

So. What's a ninja to do when he comes across what a cat he believes is his father?

...Yeah, I've got nothing either. But that's the question facing a young ninja played by Ohno Takuro in Neko Ninja which opens on May 20 in Japan from AMG. Enter Watanabe Takeshi once more for this latest round of feline-centric action and comedy in the wake of successes like the Samurai Cat tvk drama in 2013 and the two subsequent films that followed - the second which he directed. Kagerota, a young ninja of the Kiryu family, has lived without feeling affection. His father Kenzan is a legendary red-nosed ninja. Kagerota parted from Kenzan at the age of 10 and loses all contact with his father.One day, Kagerota goes to the city of Edo with his fellow ninja for a mission. It is an easy task of stealing a special golden fish from a Daimyo Yashiki house. Kagerota sneaks into the house successfully. Just when he leaves with the fish, Kagerota feels a creature’s presence close by him. I…

LEGEND OF THE NAGA PEARLS Spawns A Trailer For Lei Yang's Fantasy Adventure

Debut filmmaker Lei Yang is making his entry into the Chinese fantasy fray in the new adventure, Legend Of The Naga Pearls. The latest trailer is here and ripe with plenty of visual spectacle to muster interest among fans with Darren Wang and Crystal Zhang leading the tale of a prince, a street punk and a winged detective who set out to recover powerful mystical pearls from an evil royal.

Also staring are Simon Yam along with Shi Yanneng, Louis Fan and Jiang Luxia for the added flavor of action talent as we await this one pending its China release on August 4. Check out the trailer.

MY NAME IS LENNY Gets Bloody And Brutal In The First Trailer For The British Brawler Biopic

Director Ron Scalpello's new movie takes you into the world of underground boxing in the eyes of London's once-living most notorious hard man in the new film, My Name Is Lenny. A quick lookup drew me to some interesting facts about plans for this particular film centered on the life and times of street fighter Lenny McLean which otherwise now has actor Josh Helman (Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men: Apocalypse), fully immersed and in character. Explosive and brutal, My Name Is Lenny is based on the true story of Britain's most notorious bareknuckle fighter: Lenny McLean (Josh Helman, Mad Max: Fury Road). A known associate of The Krays, Charles Bronson and Ronnie Biggs, Lenny was an East End icon, bouncer and enforcer at the centre of the unlicensed boxing world. Welcome to the no-holds-barred epic portrayal of his life, from a troubled and violent childhood to his early fighting years, exploring his loving but volatile relationships and bitter rivalry with Roy Shaw (UFC Middleweigh…

Vine Beefs Up With Acqusition Of Manchester Film Library

Vine Alternative Investments (“Vine”) has announced its second transaction this month with the acquisition of Manchester Library Company LLC (“Manchester”). The deal gives Vine a diverse slate of 30 theatrically released films which generated approximately $1.5 billion in worldwide box office receipts and includes notable films such as Limitless, Immortals, The Fighter, Dear John and The Strangers. The acquisition complements Vine’s portfolio of library assets and follows its April 2017 acquisition of a controlling interest in Village Roadshow Entertainment Group (VREG). 
Stated Jim Moore, CEO of Vine: “The Manchester transaction reinforces Vine’s strategy to leverage and parlay our expertise in managing and owning scalable entertainment assets. This library has the right blend of genres, rights opportunities and evergreen appeal that fits within our asset program.”

Moore also assumed the title of Chairman, VREG earlier this month.

As part of the catalogue, Manchester holds the Rogue…

Muay Thai Prison Thriller, A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN, Lands At Altitude For The U.K.

Following its North American acquisition by A24 at EFM, pre-Cannes news is now stirring with word that Altitude has scooped up the U.K. rights for upcoming martial arts action drama, A Prayer Before Dawn. Jean-Stephane Sauvaire directed the film which is slated for the Midnight Screenings segment at Cannes next month.
In Klong Prem, there are 10 rules. If you break them, you will almost certainly die. If you don’t break them, you will definitely die. This is the true story of Billy Moore — jailed in one of the world’s toughest prisons, Klong Prem, the notorious “Bangkok Hilton.” Refusing to die there, Billy becomes a student of the lethal art of Muay Thai Boxing and in the process finds a brotherhood that will help guide him on an incredible journey to redemption. Filmed in a real Thai prison, Peaky Blinders and Green Room actor Joe Cole leads the Muay Thai boxing drama which takes its cues from author Billy Moore's own 2014 book of the same name. The film will mark Sauvaire's…

JOJO'S BIZZARE ADVENTURE: DIAMOND IS UNBREAKABLE: Things Get Even More Bizzare And Deadly In The Official Trailer!

My own anime intake still has a lot to cover and especially with the world author Araki Hirohiko built within the chapters of the hit manga property, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. The same could be said for director Miike Takashi who hasn't run short on manga adaptations this year, and especially with some of the content he's delved into for his Summer offering, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable.
Thus, what we get in the brand new trailer now live as of Wednesday doesn't look like the film will cover much, although the arc itself, as explored in the subsequent anime, is surely an intense one; The film bookmarks just the latest chapter in the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, immersing you in the quiet town of Morioh where we meet Higashikata Josuke, a gifted Stand user whose  abilities, embodied by Crazy Diamond, include repairing broken items and healing injuries other than his own.
As the story moves forward, Higashikata, in the course of his own self-discov…

Military Spy Action Drama, STRIKE BACK, Commences Principal Photography For Season Five Reboot

After ending its four season run on Cinemax in the Summer of 2015, my guess was as good as anyone else's on what would become of the hit Cinemax/Sky series, Strike Back, if anything. Actors Sullivan Stapleton and Phillip Winchester led the show in its evolution as one of the most widely received military spy dramas to date and with uncertainty in the midst late last year, news broke last December of the show's reboot with a fresh new cast roster, character breakdowns and possible story details.
That reboot is officially taking shape as of the last several days and with Wednesday marking the first photo reveal of all four new Section 20 agents: Warren Brown ("Luther," "The Dark Knight Rises") as "Mac" McAllister, Daniel MacPherson ("Infini") as Samuel Wyatt, Roxanne McKee ("Game of Thrones," "Crossfire") as Natalie Reynolds and Alin Sumarwata ("Burning Man") as Gracie Novinas. Also joining the cast for produ…

Chris Morgan, Voltage To Produce Revenge Thriller Spec, THE PRODIGAL

Writer Chris Morgan seems to be having a great run this season with the current billion dollar success of his latest script entry into Universal's Fast saga, The Fate Of The Furious. It certainly helped in nearly attaching him to the studio's current development of a spin-off with two of the franchise's co-stars and now we're learning that Morgan is part of another venture with Voltage Pictures.

The news at Deadline regards Luke Paradise's speculative script for The Prodigal, an action title now moving forward with a story centered as a modern revenge tale about a soldier's return home and his subsequent inquiry surrounding his brother's mysterious death. Morgan will produce with development head Ainsley Davies at Chris Morgan Productions, next to Voltage's Alissa Phillips and Nicolas Chartier producing and Jonathan Deckter executive producing.

Morgan, who has been with the Fast saga since The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, has several projects be…

ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE: Bruce Willis Leads The Chase In The Latest Trailer For The Action Comedy

Seven years after the 2010 cop comedy, Cop Out, scribes Robb and Mark Cullen have reteamed with actor Bruce Willis for their latest debut helmer, Once Upon A Time In Venice. The film is poised for a June 16 release on VoD and with a trailer already circulating, it's a worthwhile glimpse into something that looks a lot more vibrant for a Willis headliner.
It probably has much ado with the presence of actor Jason Momoa (Justice League, Aquaman) on the official artwork, providing the big name status cast a film like this needed to move forward. Here he plays one of the major hurdles that await Willis, in the role of a Los Angeles P.I. on the eve of a comeback, now afoot with a smorgasbord of crooks and gangsters in his wake as he searches for his stolen dog.
The key cast also includes the venerable Famke Janssen and John Goodman along with Thomas Middleditch and Adam Goldberg. Catch the trailer now from Front Row Filmed Entertainment.