Saturday, October 22, 2016

DEADPOOL 2 Loses Its Director. WTF?

Casting news is currently pending over who will take the role of psionic markswoman Domino in the upcoming sequel to this year's smash hit, Deadpool. Actor Ryan Reynolds is poised to reprise the title role that waited years for its first feature-length R-rated rendition, telling of a dying mercenary whose forced mutation at the hands of a sinister doctor who kidnaps his girlfriend, sends him on a mission to vengeance.

Donnie Yen Actioner, THE MASTER, Cancelled, Leaving U.K. Artists Scammed

It's one thing when a film gets cancelled long before cameras are set to roll. It's another thing to not ever know of its cancellation only for it to be used as a scam, and that's the focus of The Hollywood Reporter's latest piece, The 'Rogue One' Star, the Fake Film and the $1,200 Scam which covers what would have likely been another terrific turn in the genre for action star, actor Donnie Yen.

Friday, October 21, 2016

GODZILLA 2 Is In Talks For A New Director

Bearing my soul here some, so here goes: Gareth Edward's 2014 rendition of Toho property, Godzilla, kinda sucked. It may be because of the fact that I caught a late showing of it at the movies and fell asleep in the finale which is why I continually feel unresolved by it or it could be because to date, even watching it on television or on VoD, that I still end up falling asleep by the third act. Or maybe I'm just cranky and need more sleep. I don't know.. Eventually I did catch the last part in the on/off bits-and-pieces viewing of it but it's still a little frustrating and I'm probably alone on this. A friend of mine named Darren saw it and loved it and frankly I'm a little jealous. Ha!

Lucasfilm Casts Donald Glover As Lando Calrissian For The Han Solo Spin-Off

The Star Wars saga continues this December spinning off with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, before seuging into the eighth official canon installment one year thereafter. In the meantime, Lucasfilm's other spin-off prospects are advancing through an earlier telling of actor Harrison Ford's portrayal of intergalactic smuggler Han Solo.

Watch Tom Hopper Snap Necks And Bust Heads Open In The Trailer For KILL RATIO

XLrator Media is releasing He Who Dares helmer Paul Tanter's latest, Kill Ratio, in theaters on December 9, and on VOD and iTUNES December 13.

Check Out A Raft Of Promotional Gems For Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE

Without question, Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange will be priority for anyone following the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'll be certain to catch it myself having had the rarest of rare opportunities to meet TWO Marvel movie co-stars earlier this year - I couldn't name it at publicly the time, but the jig is pretty much up and if you can't recognize Zara Phythian and Katrina Durden in any of the trailers and clips now swirling online, I'd say an opthalmologist is in order.

Raman Hui's MONSTER HUNT 2 Now Filming

On its face, Raman Hui's 18th century short story adaptation, Monster Hunt, may seem like a kids' movie not worth all the hype. That said, if that's the basis for your abstinence from seeing it either this year or last year, you couldn't be more wrong and its status as China's highest grossing film of all time notwithstanding, the film tells one of the most heartfelt, exciting and compelling stories you'll ever see on screen and with fun action sequences to boot as well from a script by Hui and co-scribe Alan Yuen.

Jia Zhangke Sets Sail For India With His Own JOURNEY TO THE WEST Movie

Acclaimed filmmaker Jia Zhangke has business in India this week where the Mumbai Film Festival is underway from now through the 27th. Amid the festivities in the last 24 hours or so brought news of his latest move to adapt an India-set storification of the classic Journey To The West novel.

Well Go USA To Release LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE: VOL.1 On DVD This November

I remember first seeing the trailer to the CCTV-1 broadcast of the Shannon Lee produced series, The Legend Of Bruce Lee a bit less than a decade ago. Having already been a fan of director Rob Cohen's Hollywood treatment, I wasn't too impressed and I guess because it felt a bit like excess for there to be another pseudo-fictional telling of the life and legend of the Jeet Kune Do founder and martial arts film star.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hey Los Angeles! Go See PLANET OF THE SHARKS For Free At The Green Me Film Fest This Saturday Night!

Now available on DVD and VoD is director Sand Sharks and Road Wars helmer Mark Atkins's latest offering from The Asylum, Planet Of The Sharks. The film premiered on Syfy during Sharknado week and became a top-rated original. Personally I don't do shark movies but having seen my fair share, I respect the fan fervor quite a bit.