Friday, September 23, 2016

Tell Machinima To Release STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION To The World!

Well, I really don't know what to think or say at this point with Machinima still stalling on granting director Joey Ansah's hit miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection. The four-part endeavor premiered back in March and solely to North American audience as per the availability of mobile users downloading the go90 app and was a jewel of a showcase for fans still clamoring for more after Ansah shut 2014 down with the hit feature film/online series installation, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.

Len Kabasinski's ANGEL OF RECKONING Unleashes Hell In The Trailer For Its VOD Release

Actress Jessica Kabasinski is bringing some grindhouse style fierceness in her latest flick, Angel Of Reckoning. This one came as a surprise as I was browsing online and found a piece posted over at ScreenAnarchy and given that it's an action flick, of course it peaked my curiosity and for what it's worth, the trailer itself sells.

Catch The Trailer For Joey Curtis's Award-Winning Action Sci-Fi, 2307: WINTER'S DREAM

Pining for a little indie sci-fi to go with your movie fandom? You might find yourself keen on acclaimed shortfilm director Joey Curtis in the wake of his new independent sci-fi action feature debut, 2307: Winter's Dream which is rolling out heavy in festivals and just earned a Best Director nod in L.A..

BATTLE ANGEL: ALITA Casts Ed Skrein As Its Villain

October is the current goal for the Austin, Texas bound production of director Robert Rodriguez's latest contribution to live-action anime/manga film lore, Battle Angel: Alita. For this, word now from THR brings actor Ed Skrein into the mix as the villain opposite actress Rose Salazar cast in the title role as of May.

Marko Zaror Goes Ex-Navy SEAL For Daniel Zirilli's Latest Film Shooting In November

It was a little under three weeks ago that Time Rush and Asian Connection helmer Daniel Zirilli shared the above picture annoucing a new project in development for a Bangkok-bound shoot. Details are still pending but reports over at Screen Anarchy have otherwise confirmed an official start date and story info with action star Marko Zaror back in his first solo vehicle since El Redentor in 2014.


Fox Kids
If there were ever any doubt that "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series regular, Alpha 5, wouldn't be included in the new upcoming reboot film from Lionsgate, Saban’s Power Rangers, doubt no further. The studio announced actor and voice performer Bill Hader (Finding Dory) for the role this week following a cast and crew panel announcement scheduled for next month at New York Comic Con, upon which new posters were also unveiled.

Fuqua Will Return To Direct THE EQUALIZER 2 Starting Next September

This weekend begins the theatrical run of Antoine Fuqua's latest endeavor, The Magnificent Seven, reinterpreting John Sturges's own 1960 remake classic inspired by Kurosawa Akira's earlier epic, Seven Samurai. The film has been on the campaign trail following a string of trailers and promos leading up to its premiere at TIFF earlier this month, and with select cast and crew on deck for the publicity tour as of late, fans and onlookers are getting a little more first-hand insight on the film, which headlines an ensemble cast led by actor Denzel Washington.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xu Reverts Back To His Source Material As Production Commences On Martial Arts Epic, THE HIDDEN BLADE

Following the work of acclaimed author and filmmaker Xu Haofeng pretty much grants you an audience to a body of work often observed as a harkening back to a bygone era of kung fu cinema. His recent acclaim with the Chinese supersharp martial arts drama, The Master (a.k.a. The Final Master) is proof of that, following titles like The Sword Identity and this year's long awaited release, Arrow Arbitration (titled Judge Archer in the U.S. and elsewhere).

Review: Ozawa Brings Notoriety To Lopez's Substance In NILALANG (2015)

In covering a lot of action movies or film in general, you don't always hear of instances of porn actors and making transitions to more serious careers in acting. When you do, though, it does present an interesting sense of appeal, and for me, considering some of the surprises I've seen in the action genre, I'm certainly no one pigeonhole anybody into a category, and I think many would concur with me.

Dolph Lundrgen Is On The Hunt For Demons In The First Trailer For DON'T KILL IT

Fantastic Fest is officially underway in Austin, Texas from now through next week and attendees will have plenty of reasons to be entertained. No less including director Mike Mendez's new movie, Don't Kill It, the first trailer premiered exclusively at Entertainment Weekly back in May, and with none other than action star Dolph Lundgren in the role of a demon hunter in a rural Alaskan pitted against a body-hopping evil spirit using its hosts to committ violent acts of murder.