Saturday, December 3, 2016

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 2 Reveals More Than Chris Pratt Wanted In The Newest Teaser Trailer!

There's no mistaking just how much fun director James Gunn's upcoming Marvel sequel, Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 is going to be when it releases in May of next year. A second official teaser trailer arrived on Saturday evening and it doesn't fall short on harnessing everything viewers loved about the first film and more!

Friday, December 2, 2016

SPECTRAL: Heavy Firepower Reigns Down On A City Of Ghosts In The New Trailer For The Netflix Sci-Fi Actioner

The first trailer for Nic Mathieu's feature debut, Spectral, arrived a week ahead of its Netflix release. The marketing is pretty minimal here considering all we have is a trailer and maybe one or two images floating online and judging by the footage, I would have thought the push would have been a little heavier.

4DX/ScreenX Daredevil Feature, WE KILL DEATH, Taps Eric Brevig To Direct

Keep your eyes glued to social media and YouTube long enough among circles familiar with parkour aficionados and daredevils alike and you're bound to come across some sick, twisted videos that I'll have you holding onto your own seat due to spells of vertigo. I'm talking videos of stunt performers just going around and out on the town, climbing skyscrapers and various scaffolds on buildings up to some dangerous heights and filming themselves and their friends doing some ballsy, wicked things on camera.

Salamat Mukhammed-Ali's DIAMOND CARTEL To Release Early Next Year In English-Speaking Territories

Award-winning actor Peter O'Toole passed away in 2013, but that's not stopping his film legacy from keeping him relevant. His final film to date, Salamat Mukhammed-Ali's The Whole World At Our Feet is gearing up for a release early next year from Cleopatra Entertainment under the new title, Diamond Cartel, according to Deadline earlier this week.

JAILBREAK: Celine Tran Strikes A Deadly Pose In A New Poster For The New Martial Arts Comedy

Dating back just a few years ago, it's easy to see just how surprising it would be to see someone like former AV star Celine Tran tackle action roles in her transition. Thankfully it hasn't been at all for naught with a small spate of action jewels currently on YouTube, and notably, her latest forthcoming appearance in Jimmy Henderson's new martial arts action comedy, Jailbreak, now packages for a January 31 release in Cambodia next year while other releases remain pending.

Joe Carnahan's FIVE AGAINST A BULLET Casts Jackie Chan To Star, Sparkle Roll To Finance

I suspect this latest update from The Tracking Board could go either way considering the number of titles in the past year or so that have seen Guiness record-holding action star, honorary Oscar-winning actor Jackie Chan attached to. This one here involves Five Against A Bullet which is reportedly still without a studio after several years in limbo but is growing back its legs no less now that it appears Chan is starring in the film as the first of a hopeful franchise.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Renny Harlin Talks LEGEND OF THE ANCIENT SWORD, Production And More

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter
Skiptrace helmer Renny Harlin is already underway in China with his latest film, Legend Of The Ancient Sword, following its SIFF 2016 announcement back in June. The film is inspired by Gamebar's popular 2010 3D role-playing game, developed by Shanghai Aurogon with a plot that centers on a young boy who survives a village massacre and is taught the mystical ways of the sword, thus meeting new allies on his journey toward vengeance, and the possible reunion with his mother.

SHIP BREAKER Adaptation, Long-Awaited Indian Martial Arts Epic, THE 19TH STEP, Bring Phillip Lee On Board To Produce

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Revenant and Assassin's Creed producer Phillip Lee's latest embarkment with Indian cinema is a title now making its way back into headlines after about nearly decade of being in development. 2008 saw one of the earlier announcements of a film titled The 19th Step from director Bharat Bala, telling of a 9th century epic which focuses on the ancient martial arts style of Kalaripayattu in its origins long before Chinese Kung Fu was born.

THE HUMANITY BUREAU Commences Production Starring Nicolas Cage And More

I confess, it's been a while since I've seen a Nicolas Cage film. Point in fact I think the last time I saw a Cage film in full was the 2011 revenge action horror, Drive Angry - I tried watching Outcast but I honestly can't finish that one without feeling the least bit sick to my stomach.

Greg McClean's THE BELKO EXPERIMENT Is The Ultimate Corporate Test Of Mankind's Most Natural Instincts In The First Trailer

Wolf Creek 1 & 2 helmer Greg McClean's latest, The Belko Experiment, was a rousing feat at its Midnight Madness premiere for the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The film was immediately received with acquistion news for a partnered release between Orion and Blumhouse's BHTilt prior to a mixture of reviews that largely place the film upwards of an entertaining thriller that takes its cues from films like Battle Royale and Office Space.