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CREATIVE'S CREED: An Interview With Adam Brashaw

Having extensively covered Universal Pictures's famed Fast franchise, this week's latest bit of coverage has to be the closest I've come. It's primarily attributed to the forthcoming live show which kicks off in London in January and obviously with a film saga so action packed, of course it's going to need a crew of some very talented stunt performers to take to task the very feats attendees can expect.

For this, it is with great pleasure to have been able to share an auspicious chat with Adam Brashaw, someone whose work thusfar in stunts, film and television have been all but impressive. He's only appeared in The Hit List a few times having done three shortfilms (two of which I have seen), and you need only to see the results for yourself apart from his exceptional work reel just above.

Brashaw is going nine years strong in his field with multiple credits to his name, including at least one upcoming film project which he discusses a bit about later in this in…

Cine Asia Announces SHOCK WAVE TUNNEL For November U.K. Home Release

While you may recognize this one as Shock Wave, Cine Asia is obliging cinephiles in the U.K. with the pending release of Herman Yau's latest completed work, Shock Wave Tunnel, now available for pre-orders through next month. The film is currently set to screen at this year's London East Asian Film Festival on October 24 and at MCM London Comic Con the following Friday, while CineAsia itself is primed to release the explosive action on DVD, Download and On Demand beginning November 13.
Officer Cheung (Andy Lau, Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers, Chasing the Dragon), a senior inspector in the Hong Kong Police Force, is the most respected member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit. Before rising through the ranks, Cheung worked undercover within a criminal gang, lead by a ruthless crime boss notorious for his expertise in explosives. After Cheung’s undercover work lead to the break up of the gang and the arrest of the boss’s brother, the gang boss swears to take…

DONNYBROOK: Grillo And Bell Knuckle Up Next Week For The New Bare Knuckle Fight Flick

With Wheelman pulling up around the corner and production underway for Allan Ungar's Decoy, there'll be no shortage of Beyond Skyline star Frank Grillo from here on as developments accrue with Tim Sutton's gritty new indie fight thriller, Donnybrook. The film shoots in Cincinatti, Ohio on October 23 with Grillo leading a cast that so far lists Jamie Bell (6 Days), Margaret Qualley (Death Note) and James Badge Dale with a script by Sutton, and Rumble Films's David Lancaster producing with financing by BackUp Films.
As The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive update on Tuesday details it, the premise is described as a hybrid cross between Fight Club and True Romance with a story centered on the titular underground bareknuckle fight circuit known as Donnybrook, competing for the top prize of $100,000. Its two journeying contestants are Chainsaw Angus (Grillo), a murderous drug dealer with serious anger issues, and Jarhead Earl (Bell), a man who wants to help his family by …

DEATH RACE: BEYOND ANARCHY Fuels Up On DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital And On-Deman In 2018!

Writers Tony Giglio and filmmaker Don Michael Paul have returned to us with the latest in a string of direct-to-video releases centered on the long-running Death Race franchise with Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. Actor Zach McGowan (Shameless) is front and center this time around with Danny Glover, Danny Trejo and Fred Koehler for an "Unrated and Unhinged" Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, Digital and On Demand release on January 30, 2018, from Universal 1440 Entertainment.

As IGN wrote exclusively on Tuesday, the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital releases include exclusive bonus features, special behind-the-scenes footage and filmmaker commentary. The four film series which also comprises of previous film's starring Jason Statham and Luke Goss will also available on DVD on January 30th.

Check out the specs:
BLU-RAY, DVD AND DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE BONUS FEATURES:• Inside the Anarchy: Filmmakers and cast describe how this chapter of the Death Race franchise stands out from the rest. From new loca…

Trailer: Period Sword Drama THE AGE OF BLOOD Wields With Action And Intrigue In The First Trailer

It looks as if television director Kim Hong-Sun (Voice, Black, Liar Game) has moved up into narrative feature territory these days. Signaling this is the first trailer for the new sword drama, The Age Of Blood, which lunges into Korean cinemas on November 23 courtesy of MLine.
The day of revolting has dawned.

KIM Ho, the best swordsman in Joseon and the King’s guard, one day is being demoted to a prison and receives the order to keep the prisoners. At midnight, when he falls asleep, a riot happens and suddenly 5 armed men appear in front of Ho. They are coming for LEE In-jua, who has imprisoned on a charge of planning conspiracy, to keep him out of jail. LEE In-jua and 5 martial masters are planning to subvert the country again. Now Ho must fight with this pitiless gang not only to keep his duty but his family.
Jung Hae-in, Kim Ji-hoon and Hong Soo-ah are just several of the names leading the cast among those you can spot in the four posters just beneath the trailer. Enjoy!

Justin Lin Circling LONE WOLF AND CUB For Paramount

Last we heard there were two projects in the mix for upcoming big screen advances reinterpreting Koike Kazuo's seminal manga classic, Lone Wolf And Cub. It was last summer we were kept up with new efforts from producer Steven Paul at SP International Pictures to re-adapt Inoue Akira's Final Conflict treatment and all has since been quiet on that front, while we now look toward the now 14-year effort garnering the involvement of Fast And Furious saga co-helmer Justin Lin since 2012.
As it stands, he is set to produce Lone Wolf And Cub via his Perfect Storm Entertainment banner with Marissa McMahon and Kamala Films. Furthermore, according to The Hollywood Reporter's latest exclusive, Lin also has an eye to direct the film upon landing back at Paramount Pictures. Seven, 8MM and The Wolfman scribe Andrew Kevin Walker is attached to adapt the script telling of shogun's executioner Ogami Itto, who journeys the land with his only son to avenge his family and redeem himself f…

24 HOURS TO LIVE Kickstarts Ethan Hawke's Deadly Day Of Vengeance In The First Trailer

Following up from his 2008 effort with Hero Wanted, stunt authority Brian Smrz has returned to the helm once again with the new action thriller, 24 Hours To Live. Saban acquired the film back in May and is currently set to screen at the Austin Film Festival next week.
Travis Conrad (Ethan Hawke) is a former elite soldier devastated over the recent tragic deaths of his wife and young son, when his old army buddy “Jim Morrow” (Paul Anderson) shows up with an offer he can't refuse. Morrow now works for a powerful and highly secretive private military contractor, Red Mountain, who hires Travis for an extremely dangerous – but extremely lucrative – assassination job. Travis accepts the covert assignment, but everything goes completely wrong when he is shot and killed by an equally skilled female Interpol agent, “Lin Bisset” (Xu Qin) right at the moment he locates the target. But, just when we think it's curtains for Travis, he wakes up in an operating room, his body convulsing back…

SWORD OF THE DEAD: Help Stephen Vitale's Inspired New Chanbara Horror Rise From Its Grave!

No stranger to cult cinema, filmmaker Stephen Vitale's resume topped off noticeably in recent years with a refreshing take on blind samurai fandom with Star Wars fan film short, Hoshino. That project was a delightful and compelling work paring our helmer with actress Anna Akana and there's no telling when the two will regroup once more for something even just as fantastic or more.

Of course, this still leaves us with Vitale with his freed-up time to continue his craft in ways that hit all the notes required for the audiences he seeks. There's no question he achieves just that with his latest teaser for inspired chanbara horror proof-of-concept, Sword Of The Dead, which has already completed principal photography and now requires the good graces of loyal and financially able fans and cinephiles to help finish with perks available per contribution.
After a curse befalls an island in Edo period Japan, corpses left to rot on the battlefield during a gruesome blood war between …

Chen Kaige's LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT: Bad Kitty Runs Amuck In The Newest Trailer

Well there you have it. If you're looking to completely scare friends into being Ailurophobes then director Chen Kaige's latest should do the trick. It's the latest adaptation inspired by the 2004 work of author Bak Yumemakura which brings us Legend Of The Demon Cat, currently poised for a sold-out premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival next week.
Japanese Buddhist monk Kukai is sent to the Tang dynasty in China to learn about its culture and civilization. He affirms his determination to learn everything about Vajrayana, but then a demon cat appears and breaks the peace of Chang’an City, causing a series of strange events (powerful men in the capital die continuously). So Kukai joins hands with poet Bai Letian to investigate the death of Concubine Yang, by following the trail left by the cat, unveiling a buried fact. Actors Sometani Shota and Xuang Huan lead the cast for the film's immersive fantasy setting which is also slated to be an amusement park for lu…

THE HIT LIST: October 16, 2017

I'm going through a little sleep deprivation while I write this so I hope you all enjoy this latest installment of The Hit List until then. My weekend was definitely at least half-good and you can visit my weekend posts over at my Instagram to see what's up.

As for here, we kick off the Hit List with the necessary appetizer of stunt and training reels from some of today's top and up-and-coming in stunt performance. Ramping things up is a cool new highlight reel from this year's events at Oia for the seven year-strong Red Bull Art Of Motion competiton.
Following that is a barrage of badass new stunt reels courtesy of Talyn Edelson, Darin Hicks, Krystle Martin, Ross Kohnstam, Gabriela Kostadinova, Cameron Brown, Angela Lynn, John Ternavis, Rissa Kilar, Cheech Vitale, Andi Norris and stunt coordinator Jae Greene.

I don't have anything to promote in terms of teasers and trailers but I do have this amazing shortfilm by Shaun Charney. It's the most serious action sho…

Jovanka Vuckovic's 90's Set Dystopian Thriller, RIOT GIRLS, Now Filming

Acclaimed horror director Jovanka Vuckovic (XX) has reportedly hit the ground running with her feature directorial debut, Riot Girls. Production is underway in Canada with actresses Madison Iseman (Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle) and Paloma Kwiatkowski (Richard Says Goodbye) leading the currently-named cast from a script by Katherine Collins (Netflix’s Lost In Space).
The film takes place in 1995 and tells of a teenage girl in a dystopian world ravaged by disease, the extinction of adults, and rampant violence between gangs waging war for territory and viable resources. She evidently gets swept into the mix when her brother is kidnapped by gang rivals and soon finds herself accompanied by two more people on a treacherous rescue mission. Screendaily broke the story on Monday. The film is set four years after a mysterious illness has killed all adults. The town of Potter’s Bluff has been divided into two rival factions, the ‘East side’, made up of scrappy scavengers living amongst the …