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Monday, March 27, 2017

GHOST IN THE SHELL Gets An Action Packed Final Trailer

Director Rupert Sanders's Ghost In The Shell continues to sell its stronger points ahead of its release later this week - largely attributed to the stunning visuals and our characters in costume for a pitch that would have any otaku noob believe the film directly pays homage to its animated and manga predecessors. As for whether or not that is the case, I couldn't tell you. I'll make my mind up when I see the reviews from the trades but I can't really wrap my head around some of the changes this film might have made.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Live-Action Manga Drama, BLAZING TRANSFER STUDENT: REBORN Gets Greenlit For Netflix This Winter

Live-action manga fare is abound and now heading to Netflix by way of Shimamoto Kazuhiko's 1983 manga, Blazing Transfer Student. Detroit Metal City helmer Li Toshio is directing the newly greenlit series based on the manga centered on Takizawa Noboru, a high school student who tries to win over the right to date school idol according to the school's ground rules where big disputes are settled with fists.

SHOCK WAVE: Andy Lau Is God's Anti-Explosive Messenger In The Newest Trailer

Just for upkeep, the latest trailer for Herman Yau's new movie, Shock Wave, arrived online, and with a much more heavy dose of comprehension thanks to English subs. The film opens on April 20 and with beloved actor Andy Lau fresh and on the mend from an earlier injury overseas in time for the film's campaign to ramp up as it already has... which doesn't make his role seem any less pretentious, to be frank.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 2 Lands Character Posters And New Trailer

Nothing to see here... just another kick ass trailer for James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 opening on May 5. The first one was a lovely surprise hit and with the sequel in bound, I think this one is going to be a blast. Needless to say, I wanna see it with friends.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The JUSTICE LEAGUE Comes Together In The New Official Trailer!

Efforts to bring the DCU together at Warner Bros. Pictures remain on going with the development of several of its properties, a few of which are slowly but surely gaining traction; The latter being at least three of the now culminating cast for the first of two Justice League films currently on deck from the studio with a release date set for November 17.

First Impressions: POWER RANGERS (2017) - Once More With Attitude!

So I usually let a film sink in for a few days before I write a review. In this case, I wanted to put out a little bit of a pre-cursor statement to you all before I went more in depth into the new Power Rangers movie so here’s my spoiler-free-not-so-elevator-pitch as to why you should see this movie.

Friday, March 24, 2017

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Lands A Hopeful Director In Robert Rodriguez

Back in 2013 we eventually caught wind from the trades of the efforts underway at 20th Century Fox to reboot John Carpenter's cult classic, Escape From New York. There is a lot that has stirred in terms of casting options but the word now is that Robert Rodriguez is poised as the frontrunner to helm the picture.

Ciarán Foy To Direct Horror Thriller, ELI, For Broad Green

Ciarán Foy (Sinister 2) is moving on with horror thriller, Eli, directing for Broad Green Pictures. The news comes two years since the film landed on the Black List in 2015 from scribe David Chirchirillo and now has Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing onboard for rewrites with Intrepid Pictures's Trevor Macy and Bellevue Productions's John Zaozirny producing. Intrepid's Melinda Nishioka will co-produce with Gabriel and Daniel Hammond executive producing for Broad Green.

Karl Urban Revenge Actioner, BENT, In The Works At AMBI

AMBI Media Group announced this week they are developing a new revenge thriller set to commence this month in Rome titled Bent. The film has cast Karl Urban for the lead role of a disgraced narc and ex-con who sets out to find the person who framed him and killed his partner only to discover greater stakes and treachery unfolding around him.

Review: FIST 2 FIST: WEAPON OF CHOICE (2014) Fires Hard And Heavy With Action, Runs Low Too Soon

Want to know what I like about filmmaking? Anyone can do it. Want to know what else I like about filmmaking? ANYONE can do it. Now don’t take this from me as being patronizing. I really do say this from the exact opposite end. Filmmakers come from all walks of life and backgrounds and when one of those backgrounds happens to be in martial arts you get a very unique kind of filmmaker who can produce art with the discipline developed over years of pushing one’s boundaries. It's a background that I am glad to say I can share with filmmaker and action actor Jino Kang.